Hamilton Systems, Inc. is now the owners of


Fantini North America!


All it takes is one look.  The Fantini difference is obvious.  And now Fantini North America is owned by Hamilton Systems, Inc. which is located in the heart of North Dakota farm country.  Hamilton Systems, Inc. imports corn and sunflower headers from their factory in Italy and are managing sales, marketing operations, and dealer development in the US and Canada.


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Fantini Corn Headers ease the pressure because they’re built to just keep performing day after day.  Featuring a solid one-piece frame constructed of unbending tubular steel and simple low maintenance PTO-driven gearboxes, these corn headers deliver high performance at low ownership costs, keeping time on your side.


Simple, robust, low maintenance designs reduce downtime, allowing you to focus on more important issues – like harvesting sunflowers.  Offering the hyper-efficient G03 and the workhorse GP Sunflower Bar, Fantini builds headers to perform day after day and harvest after harvest.  The result?  Optimal productivity at a low cost of ownership.