Low-Speed WIM Scale System by Intercomp®


WIM Close Up

Fast, Accurate Axle & Gross Weighing for all Vehicle Types!


Offers Superior Accuracy for High Volume Vehicle Weighing

Maximize throughput by weighing at speeds of up to 20mph (35km/h) for applications which require monitoring payloads, compliance or overweight enforcement. Save valuable time while accurately capturing weight related data at entry/exit ports, freight terminals, toll and commercial weigh stations.

The axle scale consists of a single deck with four integrated stainless steel, hermetically sealed shear beam load cells which are certified for accuracy and performance by U.S. and European government metrology authorities providing for excellent off-center loading and long term stability. For installation, the scale only requires positioning and securing on the mounting frame while the overall depth is just 12.5in (318mm) thereby minimizing civil works and improving ease of maintenance.



The Intercomp WIM4 CPU provides signal conditioning, data acquisition, and basic processing for the WIM system.  Configurations include scale and loop inputs, with RS232, traffic light, and ethernet outputs.  Information output includes axle weights, speed, and axle spacing for further software processing.  This data is integrated into the customer’s system to calculate Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW) via a Windows based API output or by utilizing IntercompWIM software.


IntercompWIM™ Software

The WIM software automates the entire weighing process.  It is capable of identifying Vehicle Class, Gross Vehicle Weight, Axle Weight and provides Data Storage to produce a full array of reports for record keeping and data analysis.  Actual weights can be compared to legal limits for enforcement purposes, as well as generating tickets on site.

See the video here.